Adult Group Lessons:

Competitive Edge (Intermediate to Advanced)

  • Focus will be on learning to maximize your strengths and your ability to compete.

Stroke of the week (Beginner to Intermediate)

  • This is an hour long clinic, where the focus is on developing form and technique of all strokes. We will also work on using these strokes in live ball drills as well as singles and doubles play.

Skills and Drills (Beginner to Intermediate)

  • In this clinic the coach will introduce various skills and then you will fine tune the skill in a drill environment.

Weekend Warrior (Beginner to Advanced)

  • Be ready to hit a ton of balls in this fun and exciting hour of tennis.

Boot Camp (Beginner to Advanced)

  • Saturdays 12:00-1:30 pm we will be running a weekly Bootcamp clinic.
  • In this clinic we will work on developing technical skills, applying these skills in a tactical situation and there will also be a physical component where you will work on increasing your endurance level.
  • This will be a high energy and fun environment appropriate for all levels of play.
  • Cost is $50/participant.
  • To sign up for this clinic please contact Iain Sneddon at and he will place you on an email distribution list, where you will receive weekly email reminder.


2018 Adult Summer Session #1

2018 Adult Summer Session #2

2018 Summer Session #3

2018 Fall Session

See Application Forms for dates/cost.